Check if CCS is enabled on your store 😎

Hello Haciéndola's friends!😊

Today we will learn how to check if CCS, which is necessary to calculate shipping using third party options is enabled on your store. Shopify Advanced ($300 USD monthly) and Shopify Plus ($2000 USD monthly) plans have this option avaliable by default.

First we open the Settings menu.

Then go to Shipping and delivery and scroll down until we find the Carrier accounts section.

If the section displays as the next image the service is enabled and you can use third-party rates.

If the section is displayed as follows we need to enable this service.

To enable this on Shopify Basic and Shopify plan accounts we have 3 options.

1- Pay an extra $20USD with your shopify plan. To do this you need to contact Shopify support and request this.
2- Change your store's plan to Shopify Advanced or Shopify Plus ($300 USD and $2000 USD monthly respectively)
3- Recommended: Make an annual payment of your plan: By doing an annual payment you get a little discount and the possibility of using apps to calculate rates on your store. If you choose this option you will have to contact

Shopify support requesting to activate CCS on your store.
In this link you can directly contact shopify support.
Contact Shopify Support · Shopify Help Center
Once CCS is active you can start using third party rates!! 🎊🎊🎊


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